Mac’s Lift Gate makes a very durable residential vertical lift for wheelchairs and scooters with a 600 lb lifting capacity. Designed to quietly lift to heights of 144” (and higher) Mac’s porch lift is engineered for home use and is practically maintenance free. Requires only 110 volt household current to operate and is available with full safety devices, upper and lower call send switches and automatic interlock doors or gates. Prices start at $5390 installed.

Warranty fully 1 year and 5 years parts for lifts to 90” and 1 year/3 years for greater heights.

Platform Size 32” x 42” to 36” x 60”

Options include solid side panels, platform safety pan, ADA package, Emergency Stop, Interlock Gates, Electric Strike Doors, DC operation and remote call send switches.

(800) 887-0332 or (215) 755-0255

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