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Making transfers easy, and not a major undertaking, is one of Philadelphia Rehab’s specialities.  We offer the finest in patient lift equipment for the home and can help take the struggle out of transfers.  In addition we can help protect your caregivers from injury while enhancing your safety and comfort.

If you need help moving safely from bed to wheelchair or into and around your bathroom then Philadelphia  Rehab has several options to assist you.

We offer ceiling mounted track systems with direction changers.  Our curved units are capable of providing tight curves in small spaces allowing ease of movement and greater convenience.  Or consider our portable systems which can be set up quickly and easily and are a great benefit if you like to travel.

Our sit to stand units are designed to aid with transfers and can be used for standing exercises and gait training.

The ability to engage in periodic standing and repositioning through the day helps increase overall hygiene, reduces bruising and skin breakdown and greatly facilitates better bowel and bladder habits.  

If you have a transfer problem we can help.

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